Diver’s Unique Profession

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diver's unique profession

Diver’s unique profession – Diving activities are not solely recreational. If practiced really, diving can also be a professional activity that has high commercial value.

His field of work is wide-ranging from criminal investigations, scientific research, journalism, tourism, to the maintenance of the oil and gas industry. Here is a brief overview of some of the professions that are closely related to the world of diving

Five Diver’s Unique Profession

Police Diver

Diver’s unique profession – The police diver’s main job is to look for various pieces of evidence of criminal acts underwater.

Such as looking for evidence of illegal fishing, destructive fishing, illegal firearms hidden on the seabed, to the bodies of crime victims thrown into the lake.

The police diver profession can only be carried out by members of the police who have received special diving training.

But in certain cases, civilians who have technical diving skills can also be assisted in their work.

Aquarium Keeper

Diver’s unique profession – An aquarium keeper is in charge of caring for animals in large aquariums, whether they are in amusement parks or wildlife parks.

Every day they can interact with various beautiful marine life such as turtles, mantas, and even sharks.

Generally, an aquarium keeper is not required to have special diving skills.

Anyone who has a diving license has a deep interest in marine life.

Also masters buoyancy techniques well can carry out this profession.

Marine Biologist

Diver’s unique profession – Marine biologists may bear some resemblance to an aquarium keeper. They both have a high level of interaction with marine life.

The difference is, marine biologists, meet these sea creatures in their natural habitat directly and conduct in-depth studies of their lives.

A marine biologist must have an educational background and a strong interest in science, especially marine biology.

They also generally have their own specialization of studies.

Such as ichthyologists who focus on studying fish behavior or microbiologists who study micro-organisms.

Marine Archaeologist

The sea harbors so many human traces.

Starting from the wreck of a merchant ship that sank due to a storm, the wreck of an airplane that crashed in war, to an ancient city that sank thousands of years ago.

Because this profession is part of scientific studies.

A marine archaeologist must have an educational background in the field of archaeology.

They also have to master a number of special abilities such as underwater excavation techniques, deep diving, wreck diving.

As well as considerable courage (considering that most underwater archaeological sites are “graveyards” for drowning people).

Dive Instructor

This profession has a very vital role in the world of diving. Be it a recreational diver, police diver, aquarium diver, or scientific diver, all of them must learn diving techniques from a dive instructor.

It’s like this person who can open the gate to the underwater world.

To become a dive instructor, the understanding diving theory is not enough. A dive instructor is also required to have extensive and varied field experience.

Because in practice later, he will be responsible for educating and ensuring the safety of many people.

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