4 Fears of Diving You Should Consider

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fears of diving

Fears of diving – What do you imagine when you hear the word diving? Yes, many are afraid but also not a few are curious to try it. Where did those fears come from?

Does it really happen or just from movies and stories that have no clear source? Well, in this article, we will disassemble what are the reasons that make people afraid to try diving.

Fears of Diving You Should Consider

Fears of Diving: Drowning

The first fears of diving are the most common ones. Since humans are mammals that normally live on land, it is natural to have a fear of drowning. Let alone for those whose swimming abilities are mediocre or even unable to swim, even people who are used to swimming don’t necessarily dare to dive.

This condition cannot be forced, but if you are serious you can overcome this fear of drowning. Learning to swim is an effective way to fight your fear of water.

Fear of Scary Things Underwater

Have you ever watched the movie Jaws or Deep Blue Sea? You are afraid to imagine there are sharks when you are diving.

The good news is, not all types of sharks are as vicious as described in the film. Most people will feel scared when they see a shark.

In fact, sharks are afraid of divers because of the bubbles that are released from the diver’s mouth and they will swim away when there is a diver.

Indeed, there are several types of aggressive sharks such as the great white shark, bull shark, but these types of sharks are also not found in Indonesian waters. Even when you bleed, sharks are not attracted to human blood.

Sharks will only be attracted to fish blood unless you are a person who has never bathed and smells fishy like fish, maybe sharks are attracted.

Fear of Expensive Dive Gear

For the early stages of learning, we don’t have to buy our own dive gear. Dive centers usually provide dive gear that we can rent when we take a course package, or even the price of the course offered includes the cost of renting dive gear.

After you have a diving license and start enjoying this activity, then think about buying dive gear. Dive gear has a very varied price range, it doesn’t have to be from a well-known brand and doesn’t have to be expensive either. The important thing is comfort when you use it.

Consider it a long-term investment, because you can use dive gear for years and the costs you incur are comparable to the exciting experience you will get in diving. You can even earn from diving. We will discuss specifically earning income from diving in another article

Fear of Trauma

Have you ever swam on the beach and the waves rolled in, or been duped by a fellow and thrown into the pool there till you got water in your nose/mouth, or tried scuba diving but didn’t do it properly, tends to result in sore ears due to an inability to equalize?

These events can traumatize a person and be afraid to try diving. But the trauma can be removed as long as you want to little by little try again.

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