Before Diving: Scuba Diving Equipments

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There are several things including scuba diving equipments you should prepare, to be able to freely do diving activities.

As creatures that live on land, humans need several tools to be able to dive into the sea.

This is the equipment needed for diving. There are various brands of diving equipment such as IST, Problue, Mares, Scubapro, Aqualung, and Amscud diving equipment.

If you want to buy diving equipment, choose a shop that sells quality diving equipment.

Do not buy diving equipment from people who sell used diving equipment because it can endanger your safety when diving.

Basic Scuba Diving Equipments

There are several things that you must prepare. before you jump-start right into diving.

Starting from health checks, diet, and sleep that are maintained beforehand, basic exercises before diving such as breathing, and of course, equipment for scuba diving.


One of the scuba diving equipments that you should prepare is a wetsuit. A wetsuit provides thermal protection for divers and works on the principle that your body is the best source of heat.

To help contain this heat underwater, these suits are made with a closed-cell foam material, which is filled with thousands of tiny gas bubbles trapped within the structure.

Once you enter the water, the material allows a thin layer of water through the suit, filling the space between your body and the inner layer of material.

This layer of water warms up thanks to your body temperature and helps keep you comfortably insulated throughout your dive.


At first glance, scuba and snorkeling masks may look pretty similar.

If you’re at the beginning of your dive journey, you may be tempted to save a few pennies by opting for a cheaper snorkeling model.

However, there are differences in design that mean snorkel masks are sub-par for scuba diving.

It’s worth spending that bit more money to ensure you get a great fit and function.


Diving aids also known as frog legs to help move the body in water.

The SCUBA fin’s main purpose is to aid SCUBA divers in moving more swiftly and efficiently underwater with the least amount of effort possible.

Since fins provide a wider area to push and move against the water, divers need not use their hands anymore to move underwater.

Additional Equipments

BCD (buoyancy compensator)

A diving aid with a vest-like shape for placing all diving equipment, including air tubes and regulators.

A scuba buoyancy compensator is a vest-like fitted jacket that connects to your scuba tank through a hose.

This piece of equipment contains an inflatable air bladder that helps you maintain proper air buoyancy whether you’re on the surface or beneath the water.

Weight belt

Weight belts are nylon belts with lead weights on them.

They work just like typical belts and fasten around your waist. Diving weight belts are the oldest system used in scuba diving, and they’re the “tried-and-true” system for a few divers.


A scuba tank is a gas cylinder used to store and move high-pressure breathing gas needed by a diver.

These cylindrical pressure vessels when combined with a valve are available in a whole range of pressures, dimensions, and capacities.


A hose to change the high air pressure from the tank and drain it for breathing through the mouth.

he scuba regulator is a great invention that delivers the air from your scuba tank to you just the way you need it to breathe

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