Sea Creatures You Must See in Bali

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Sea creatures always creep on the whole of us. But, the fairytale doesn’t seem fit to exist. Diving in Bali is simply amazing, with an incredible diversity of marine life. Done exploring the underwater world around Bali?

Don’t worry, Indonesia consists of about 17,000 islands that offer endless biodiversity of marine life. While coral reefs are beautiful, the diversity of sea creatures is the reason why the Indonesian archipelago is at the top of divers’ wish lists.

With every dive in Bali, you will float around a number of small and medium fish and other creatures. However, these sea creatures you must see when diving in Bali.

Sea Creatures You Must See in Bali

Mola Mola

Let’s start with the Mola Mola, also known as the sunfish. This mysterious species is the heaviest bony fish in the world, capable of growing to the size of a car. They can be found in most tropical and temperate oceans at random, and their only predators are orcas and great sharks.

Mola-mola can also be found by divers when diving into the underwater world of Nusa Penida. Mola-mola fish have a unique shape, which is round and flat with fins towering up and down. The two pointed fins stand out in contrast to their wide body.

Manta Ray

Next to our enormous sea creature, our Manta Ray. Manta rays have a reputation for being peaceful, curious, and kind. The word “manta” means “blanket” in Spanish, and the connection is obvious. They glide smoothly through the water, and it’s fascinating to watch how animals choose to interact with humans. We guarantee you will never forget your experience with Manta Rays.

Manta Point in Nusa Penida is a popular dive site to see Manta Rays. But the Manta you meet there is known as the Reef Manta Ray. Their larger relative, the Giant Oceanic Manta Ray, is harder to spot because they prefer open water. Giant Oceanic Manta can be found at several dive sites in Indonesia, even at Manta Point, but Manta Ridge in Raja Ampat stands out as the site with the most sightings.

Reef Sharks

Another experience with sea creatures that you will never forget is seeing sharks. It’s not uncommon – especially nowadays – but it’s always a memorable moment to see a shark. The reef shark is a beautiful creature that grows to about 1.5 meters. In addition, reef sharks are completely harmless to humans and are often curious about divers and snorkelers so you can interact with them.

Sea Turtle

The most common sea turtle found in Indonesian waters is the green turtle or also known as Chelonia mydas. The Balinese have a special place in their hearts for turtles and their nests, they have taken many positive actions in establishing initiatives to save them.


Believe it or not, these gentle and shy marine mammals are more closely related to elephants than any other sea creature! They are usually seen on the shallow seabed, grazing on algae, which is why their nickname is sea cow. They can be found in most warm coastal waters, such as the waters of Raja Ampat, West Papua. In addition, they can also be found throughout Indonesia.

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