Scuba Diving Gear Maintenance and Storage

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Scuba diving gear maintenance and storage could be a hard thing to do other than diving itself. Especially, for scuba enthusiasts who invest in the sport and consider it a serious memorial. There are many costs to consider including licenses, lessons, and travel.

Those who are in it for the long term will invest in their own diving equipment and this can drain your bank account.

In addition, diving equipment is constantly exposed to harsh elements such as sun, sand, and salt and if not maintained properly, you will soon have expensive repair bills.

A good way to avoid having to constantly spend money on your diving equipment is to make sure that you clean and store your equipment properly. Here are some tips on how you can do this.

Scuba Diving Gear Maintenance and Storage

Rinse the Equipment With Fresh Water After Diving

As mentioned above, the combination of salt, sand, and sun will damage your diving equipment. Remember to rinse your equipment with freshwater or cold tap water to protect it from corrosion. It is also important to remove all grit and other particles from your equipment to keep it in the best possible condition. Never rinse your equipment in chlorinated pool water as this can cause your equipment to be more damaging than seawater.

Store in a Dry Room, Away From Direct Sunlight

It’s a good idea to store your equipment in a dim or dark place, but this space should not be wet or damp. Your gear needs to be dried properly to keep it in good condition. Don’t just leave them in a pile – hang them or arrange them nicely so they all have their own space. Once your tools are completely dry, you can return them to their respective storage bags or containers. Remember, leaving your equipment in direct sunlight will also damage it. UV rays will damage it if exposed and this includes your expensive diving gear.

Hang Your Wetsuit Turning It Outward

The best way to dry your wetsuit is to flip it outside as this will protect it from UV damage. This particular tip is also a useful trick. As it ensures that the inside of your suit will dry even if the outside is not. Do not use thin wire or metal hangers to hang your coat, as metal can rust and thin wire hangers will deform your coat.

Treat Your Equipment Gently

Never throw your equipment or computer on a hard floor or surface. You run the risk of damaging the equipment and/or components, resulting in a huge repair bill and no equipment for your next dive. Placing your gear on the floor will also put your gear at risk of being stepped on. Remember that your diving equipment needs to be serviced regularly.

Mask, Snorkel, Fin & Dive Computer

Handle all this equipment with care so that it is not crushed by other larger or heavier tools. After rinsing and drying these tools, store all tools properly. For example, by storing your snorkel in its box, you can help prevent the snorkel from being damaged by hitting other objects or deforming. Don’t forget to always check the battery icon of your dive computer and replace the battery if necessary.

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