Scuba Diving Benefits You Should Know

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If you are an ocean lover, you should know some of the scuba diving benefits. Scuba diving or ocean diving seems to be getting more and more popular in recent years.

However, why do people bother diving under the sea to have to use oxygen cylinders?

Well, apart from the amazing natural wealth of the underwater world. Here are the various benefits of scuba diving that are healthy for your body.

Scuba Diving Benefits for Health

Diving or scuba diving is generally used as a means of recreation as well as a healthy sport.

Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus, which uses diving equipment. Such as oxygen cylinders, regulators, tanks, and weight gainers to explore the underwater world.

Once upon a time, only the American navy was common to do this sport. But now, many ordinary people are starting to enjoy scuba diving activities.

Approximately, what are the benefits and advantages you get from this diving sport? Let’s look at the various scuba diving benefits that you can get from the following

Train all body muscles

When you start diving, all your muscles will fight against the strong water current.

Kelly Rockwood, PADI America’s diving instructor, and fitness expert, quoted from Women’s Health said that divers are usually not aware that the activities they are doing underwater are actually quite strenuous physical activities.

When in the water, the movement and the burden of the body seem to feel lighter.

What actually happens is that divers use the body’s major muscle groups to propel themselves against the water’s resistance while exploring the ocean.

So do not be surprised after doing scuba diving, the body can feel very tired.

Especially when diving, you will carry oxygen cylinders weighing about 30 to 40 kilograms as well as various other equipment that reaches 10 kilograms.

That’s why your muscles will be more trained and formed, without the need to sweat excessively like when training at the fitness center.

Burn massive calories

Scuba diving for 30 minutes can burn 40 calories, you know.

Thanks to resistance and movement in the water, you can actually burn more calories than any other exercise.

However, the benefits of scuba diving depend on your body weight, water currents, and the intensity of the dive you are doing.

Brad Johnson, Ph.D., fitness expert and author of health books advises against skipping meals and drinking as much water as possible if you dive several times a day.

If it is not balanced with adequate food and drink intake, it is feared that it will cause serious health problems due to diving.

This is because basically your calories have been drained quite a lot during this exercise.

So, are you interested in trying this unique and challenging sport? Make sure you have mastered swimming techniques, take courses to learn diving, and understand the scuba diving techniques given by your instructor.

Also, consult with a doctor to make sure the body is in a healthy and fit condition. If you have certain health problems, this can hamper your activities and carry risks that can even be life-threatening.

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