Free Diving Facts That You Should Know

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For those of you who often visit the beach, water sports such as snorkeling, free diving, and scuba diving are activities that you should not miss.

The excitement of playing water sports is the most fun thing to add to an interesting experience.

While these activities are fun, for people who are new to water sports, it can be difficult to distinguish between the three, especially between scuba diving and free diving.
Snorkeling requires equipment such as buoys, masks, snorkels, and fins. Called snorkeling because we need a breathing apparatus such as a hose called a snorkel.

What is Free Diving?

Free diving is accomplished by diving to a specific depth for an extended period of time

A freediver needs to go through special training (besides duck diving) to be able to hold his breath longer.

One of them is to do an efficient fins kick and reach further depth until it returns to the surface.

If you want to free dive, you should take a freediver certification in several diving courses that provide it.

Because this freediving sport has the highest risk compared to snorkeling and skin diving.

In addition, at the time of taking the certification, you will learn the theory of water pressure, equalization, and other knowledge needed to support this sport

Equipments That Required For Freediving

The equipment is also slightly different from snorkeling and skin diving.

Even though the masks and snorkels are the same, the masks used for freediving usually use a low volume mask to save air when equalizing.

The fins used for freediving will be longer than the fins used for snorkeling or commonly called long fins.

With long fins, in one kick the freediver will get a further boost compared to regular fins which means the movement is more efficient.

Likewise, with the clothes used, freedivers usually use a special wetsuit for freedivers to reduce the risk of cold and make their move in the water smoother (not dragging)

Freediving is also often competed.

Some of these branches are static apnea (long time holding breath without moving) and dynamic apnea (deep competition to do freediving).

Types of Freediving Sport

Freediving is a swimming sport that requires diving as tight as possible.

Usually, this water sport is done in the sea. However, now there are several places that facilitate freediving.

Not as easy as regular swimming, freediving requires good breathing techniques and high focus.

So you need to learn the technique first and practice to do this water sport.

Freediving also has several types with different levels of difficulty.

  • Constant Weight (CWT)
    This type of freediving is the most common, where the diver descends underwater using his own body weight assisted by muscle strength.
  • Free Immersion Freediving (FIM)
    This type of freediving is similar to CNF in that the diver does not use aids such as flippers. But uses ropes to help get up and down in the water. This method can help the diver not to use up their oxygen too quickly,.As they don’t have to use their legs to propel the body up and down. Free immersion diving can also be a good way for you to learn the equalization technique (pressure equalization) step by step.

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