Children Diving: Important Notes To Consider

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children diving

Children Diving – If you are planning a family vacation but are bored with the same choice of destinations, why not try scuba diving?

Enjoying the richness of the underwater world can be an unforgettable experience.

For your little one, which is also beneficial for your health.

However, is it enough for scuba diving children to rely solely on their swimming skills? Is scuba diving safe for children?

Children Diving: Is it Safe?

Scuba diving is safe for children, but it’s not that simple.

Diving in the deep sea is not a game. Scuba diving requires more special equipment than just swimming in a public pool.

For example, masks, frog legs, air tanks, and special diving suits.

Diving in the deep sea also requires special rules, procedures, and techniques.

That must be learned in advance, so that you can stay safe for long in the water.

The reason is, the wrong technique or panics a little when diving, then life is a threat.

According to PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors).

Children can receive training and certification as junior divers when they are 10 years old.

However, in general, various professional dive groups agreed.

That new diving schools can be attended by children over the age of 12.

So to be able to dive in the sea with your little one, you have to wait for them to pass their training first.

To prove themselves able to control themselves in the water.

Therefore, reliable swimming ability is of course not enough.

To be used as a benchmark for whether or not a child can participate in scuba diving.

Risks of Diving With Less Supervision

There are many things you should consider before taking your child to dive in the open ocean.

Some things that can be a sign of a child’s readiness to dive include maturity, reason, and the presence or absence of physical limitations.

The European Child Safety Alliance reveals.

That the ability to control emotions and sharp analytical skills are two important factors that play a major role in child safety during diving.

This is certainly not easy, even adults can not necessarily do it.

Children tend to be easily frightened and panicked.

So even though they have received formal training, understand diving techniques properly, and the equipment is in good condition.

It is not impossible for them to be confused when he faces a real underwater situation. If he can not control this panic, then the risk is very fatal.

A survey found that many cases of child death when diving was caused by the formation of air emboli in the lungs.

This health problem is known to occur when children cannot control their panic, making it difficult for them to breathe when diving.

Another risk that is prone to occur in children is hypothermia.

In fact, children are more susceptible to changes in body temperature than adults.

Even when swimming in warm water, he is still at risk of experiencing hypothermia.

Scuba diving for children is actually safe if it is properly prepared and done when he is more than 12 years old.

Preparing children for scuba diving, takes a long time. You have to make sure that your little one is really ready to do it, physically and mentally ready.

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