Beginner Scuba Divers : Common Mistakes

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Beginner Scuba Divers

Beginner scuba divers tend to make mistakes that are too common to have done wrong. But, let’s just take it as a one-day-a-time lesson. When you are about to jump into a new hobby, everything looks fresh and interesting. This also applies to scuba diving. Everything feels strange but exciting. However, sometimes the excitement will also make some beginner scuba divers make mistakes.

Beginner Scuba Divers and Their Common Mistakes

Pushing Yourself To Dive into Rush

Don’t force yourself to follow experienced divers. Arrange and prepare your diving equipment. Also, don’t forget to check all the equipment with the buddy check system before getting into the water. After entering the seawater, dive slowly and equalize every few meters down. Equalization is equalizing the pressure in the eardrum by applying pressure through the eustachian tube.

A good diver is a diver who is calm and not in a hurry. Forcing yourself to dive in pursuit of or following experienced divers can invite accidents. Control yourself and dive quietly.

Lack of Attention To Air Supply

Beginner scuba divers often don’t pay attention to the air supply. In fact, the supply of oxygen in the tank is the most important thing when diving. Watch the air supply! There is no reason to neglect this one. After the dive, record your air consumption so you know how much air you need for the next dive.

Not Buying Your Own Equipment

Owning and using your own diving equipment will make your diving experience more comfortable and safe. When something unexpected happens while diving, if you use your own equipment, you will intuitively know the position of all the equipment you need. The analogy is, that you are definitely more comfortable and flexible driving your own car or motorbike, right? If you already have your own diving equipment, take good care of it so that it lasts for years.

Too Dependent on The DIving Guide

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to learn to use a compass underwater or don’t care about the best diving patterns in the area, because you know that a guide will accompany you. However, that is no reason to ignore briefings on currents, diving limits, etc. You should not completely depend on the guide. In the water, you are completely responsible for yourself.

Forgetting Their Equipment Position

A diver depends on the safety of the instruments or diving equipment used. In other words, individual divers must be familiar with the diving equipment and know the position and function of each equipment.

Knowing the position and function of each piece of equipment is very important. One of the common mistakes made by novice divers is forgetting the position of the instrument or equipment they are using.

Loss of Dive Environment Orientation

Loss of orientation of the dive site is due to the “vertigo” effect. The diver feels dizzy as if his surroundings are spinning.

The cause is a rupture of the eardrum due to a sudden change in pressure in the water. The balance of the diver will be disturbed.

Beginner divers who dive in a hurry and do not master the equalizing technique will generally experience this.

Forgetting The Purpose of Diving

Diving activities are activities or activities carried out below the surface of the water with the help of tools or not with a specific purpose.

The purpose of the dive in question can be in the form of just traveling to enjoy the underwater beauty, the purpose of scientific research, work, rescue, and others.

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