Why You Should Diving at Liberty Shipwreck Bali

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Speaking of diving in Bali with advanced experience, the first thing that will always be mentioned is the USAT Liberty wreck. It is true since this dive site in Bali is one of the most famous in the world. Located half an hour from the Dive Center, there are many divers every day to explore this beautiful Liberty shipwreck in Bali. Check this information!

The History Behind the SS Liberty Sites

Before becoming a famous site, there is a historical story behind this location. The place has its characteristics because there is a shipwreck known as the Liberty remains. It is a United States Army ship that served during World War I and World War II. After that, this ship had to be torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1999 and stranded on the island of Bali.

The ship was first disarmed by the American military after suffering the attack. In the past, this one ship just sat on a rusty beach under the hot sun that hit it every day. Today, it is one of the most popular Liberty shipwreck sites in Bali after the 1963 volcanic eruption that was moved from its original location on the coast into the water.

Where Do You Find Liberty Wreck Sites in Bali?

To get to the dive site, you have to go to Tulamben, a small fishing village located on the northeast coast of Bali. It is located close to the beach, so you can reach the wreck from the beach easily. To avoid crowds of visitors, you can come early. Many dive operators in Bali will include 2 to 3 dives in the area in a dive exploration.

You can only find shipwrecks at a maximum depth of 30 meters, or 100 feet. However to reach the shallow area of the wreck, it is close as it is about 4 meters or 13 feet. It will make it easier for divers to access even by snorkelers. Once in the water, you will be treated to a view of the ship lying on its side on the sandy bottom.

Best Time to Dive at USAT Liberty Sites

Diving at Liberty shipwreck will provide a different experience since you can find it at 120 meters, or 394 feet. Here, you can see the marine life that has turned the remains of the ship into a beautiful underwater scene. The best part of this site, you will find a wide variety of hard and soft corals, gorgonians, hydroids, anemones, starfish, nudibranchs, and many more.

For the best time diving here can be done at any time of the year. Visibility at these sites usually averages around 20 meters or 66 feet which is fairly easy. However, during the rainy season visibility can drop to 10 and 15 meters. Luckily, the water is warm and comfortable all year round. You can go to the Liberty shipwreck in January or June as the best time to dive.

Since the visibility of this site is very safe, all levels of divers can experience the best beauty of this site. The current is quite gentle, making it easier for inexperienced novice divers. If you want to get a better experience in diving, balifundiving.com is ready to provide diving training with professional coaches.

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